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Aquamarine Dockbuilders
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Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection / Local Conservation Commissions

Aquamarine is a business that does most of its work where land meets water, and as such is subject to abide by the regulations set by the Conservation Commission of the town we are working in, and from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The process of getting work done generally begins with getting the permitting all in line, and everyone involved legal, and on the same page.

Structural and Environmental Engineers:

Marine construction frequently requires designs drawn by a certified engineer, and there are several on Martha’s Vineyard we have experience dealing with. We would be happy to point you in their direction, just let us know.

Offshore Engineering:

For some of our larger, newer, or out of Edgartown jobs we will subcontract Offshore Engineering to drive the spiles for us so that we can come in and do the framing and finishing. This allows us to spend more time on the fine tuning, and maintenance of the piers we currently take care of.

DECA, Inc:

DECA is a company we have worked with many times when our customers desire earth and stone instead of wood. They are a capable company that has created many stone bulkheads, and moved many tons of sand to keep the shoreline intact, and beautiful, for many years to come.

Aquamarine Dredge LLC

Edgartown Great Pond, like Tisbury Great Pond is a large brackish body of water that fills and is cut open to the ocean several times a year. Aquamarine Dredge was formed in**** to aid in the circulation of water throughout Edgartown great pond, in the hopes of improving the habitat for wildlife, most specifically the oyster, clam, and human populations that use the pond for work and play alike.